Sunday, July 27, 2014


Whenever we do a Silly Girls shoot we're often asked where we find our costumes.  For some reason no one has asked about that from this shoot...

I'm sharing anyway.

Leggings: Stylz for Less, Denim Jacket: Rue 21.  Camo pants:  Already had them!

That "Don't Tread on Me" is handpainted goodness at it's finest!

Cut-offs and plaid shirt with studded button detail:  Wal-mart (the sleeves already come cut off for you!!)

Dem boots!

Head wrap: Kashleigh

This is all DI fab right here.  The majority of my budget was spent on blue eyeliner and blue mascara!

Confederate flag: amazon

We made sure to have enough yoo-hoos, "cola" and "mountain lightning" to go around.

She only knows 3 of her baby daddys.

More than enough meat!

The chickens were just an added bonus.  Nothing adds to the feel of a white trash bash like chickens stealing food from the hoards of children!

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