Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Last Tuesday we got some serious Personal Progress done.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Personal Progress, you can click over to here and read all about it.  Good stuff.

I'm all about doing things efficiently, easily and visually.  It just made sense to make a cute wall full of goals to accomplish.  So I headed to Target.

I feel like all good projects should start with a trip to Target...if only I had an endless supply of money.  I found these darling Smash Book rip pads of cute paper.  They're pretty much perfect for what I wanted to get done.  The cherry on top is that school supplies are on sale-so they fine tip markers were actually affordable!!  Yay!

To make the process easier I ripped apart all of the paper and turned up the sides that applied best to the project.  They conveniently have pages with lines for lists, notes and quotes of encouragement.  So perfect.

I then went and found applicable print-outs needed for the remaining goals.  Links are included.

The girls all brought their scriptures (or phone), journal and personal progress book (*ideally, we did pretty good but still had to share some scriptures)

Check out that's been awhile.
We read as many of the scriptures included in each goal as possible.  Some were LONG so I brought highlighters for them to highlight what they needed to do on their own at home.  We also highlighted anything else that needed to be finished up at home (some of these are 2 week goals).

Increase your understanding of the plan of salvation. Resources for study include 1 Corinthians 15:22Revelation 12:7–9; 2 Nephi 9:1–2811:4–7;Doctrine and Covenants 76:50–11393:33–34Moses 4:1–4; and Abraham 3:24–27. Draw or obtain a picture that depicts the plan of salvation, including the premortal existence, birth, mortal life, death, judgment, and life after judgment. Using this picture, explain the plan of salvation to your class, your family, or a friend. Discuss how knowledge of the plan affects your actions, helps you understand your identity, and has strengthened your faith.

We read all of the shorter scriptures together, and then reviewed.  This is my favorite "Plan of Salvation."  I've used it repeatedly for different sunday school classes and I just love it!!  All they need to do at home is read the other 2 scriptures and explain to another person.

Develop your divine qualities. Read Matthew 5:9John 15:12Galatians 5:22–23;Colossians 3:12–171 John 4:21; and Moroni 7:44–48. Memorize your favorite verse from one of these passages. Identify the divine qualities mentioned in all these scriptures and list them in your journal. Select one quality, and for two weeks strive to make it a part of your daily life. Record your progress and experiences in your journal.
For this we read the scriptures, wrote down on a notecard our favorite verse to memorize and then selected one quality to work on for 2 weeks and wrote that single quality down on another notecard.  Those that had their journals were able to list all of the divine qualities mentioned.

You are preparing now to fulfill a unique mission on the earth. Read Doctrine and Covenants 88:119. In your journal make a list of your hopes and dreams for your future home, family, and education and some important things you would like to accomplish in your life, including becoming a wife and mother. Then write a plan that will help you achieve your goals. Share this plan with a family member, leader, or friend.
We read the scripture and on a list card, listed our hopes and dreams.  In their journal they were able to put together a plan about how they want to accomplish these goals.

Memorize Article of Faith number thirteen and recite it to a parent, a leader, or another adult. Then visit a museum or exhibit or attend a performance that involves dance, music, speech, or drama. Using this article of faith as a guide, evaluate what you saw and heard. In your journal write your thoughts about how you can use this article of faith as a guide for all you do so the Holy Ghost will be your constant companion. Share those thoughts with a parent or leader.

Check out this!  I loved what a fun layout they did with Article of Faith #13.  Every one of my girls had this already memorized AND most had recently been to an applicable show or museum and were able to record this in their journal.

Study the Young Women theme and what it teaches you about who you are, what you are to do, and why you are to do it. List in your journal what you will do each day with regard to modesty, dating, and the media to be morally clean and worthy to enter the temple. Record in your journal how these choices will help you remain free and happy.

I used this darling YW theme for this one.  We read it together and listed in our journals (or on a card if they wanted) what you will do each day with regard to modesty, dating, and the media to be morally clean and worthy to enter the temple

Read Mosiah 18:7–10, and in your journal list three ways you can comfort others or help them bear their burdens. Do the things on your list, and tell a family member or leader about the experience and how your attitude and understanding have changed.
We read this scripture together and on a "list card" listed the 3 ways the scripture teaches us to comfort others.

Learn about standing as a witness. Read Mosiah 18:9. Then record in your journal how you can personally “stand as [a witness] of God at all times and in all things, and in all places.” Choose a personal behavior that you need to improve so you can be a better example. Develop integrity in your life as you practice your new behavior for three weeks. Record your progress in your journal.
So this one was super easy because it tied into our goal for Divine Nature perfectly!  I told them they were absolutely allowed to work on the same personal behavior for both goals or they were welcome to have 2 separate cards.   For those that had their journals we took a minute to record how to stand as a witness so that they could later compare by keeping track of their progress.

Prepare to be worthy to enter the temple and to participate in temple ordinances. Read Alma chapter 5. Make a list of the questions Alma asks. Answer the questions for yourself, and make a list of the things you can and will do to prepare yourself to be pure and worthy to enter the temple and receive all the blessings our Heavenly Father has promised His beloved daughters.
This one is HUGE.  I encouraged them to write down all of the questions in their journal and then gave them each a larger card to write down their answers and add to their wall.  Because of the length and depth of the goal this was the biggest one that they took home as homework BUT the goal is set and I was able to show them an example of how to get it done.

I threw in this little print to round things out...and I just love it.  It's been an awesome theme for this year!

Recognize that awesome church chalkboard in the background?  I feel like this night was a success.  It at least got the girls started in each value and gave them a place to start.  We had a few that had already done some of these and others that were just barely starting so this seemed to work out very well (I think having a wide variety of goals helped in that way).  


Lacey Musson said...

WOW. You just took all the work I was going to do and placed it right onto my lap. Does that make sense? haha in other words: THANK YOU! These are all wonderful ideas and resources.

Motel Davis said...
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Oh I am so glad to hear that!! I hope this works well for you! Good luck ♥

The McLaughlins said...

Hi April! I love this idea you have created. I want to use it with my YW next week and I'd love to use the handouts you created but I can't seem to find a link for a template. Would you be willing to send them to me? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Absolutely! What link are you unable to view?

The McLaughlins said...

I wanted to know if you have the different handouts (Plan of Salvation, Article of Faith, theme scripture, etc.) in pdf form so I can print them out.


If you go to each of the sites that they're from you should be able to save them to your computer and print from there! :)

Lindsay Banner said...

LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing!

Lovelyladyjb said...

Amazing! New follow!

stevie kay said...

What the what! I've been using this page for the last week on my phone to plan mutual this Tuesday. Today is the first day I logged onto the computer and imagine my shock when I realized- I KNOW HER!!! ha ha! Way to go lady! This is a great resource.


Stevie that's awesome!!! Glad to help :)

Vanessa T said...

WOW!!! That was really inspiring. My YW president is always looking for ways to get our YW to get into their Personal Progress and this idea has made me want to get into my Personal Progress more....THANK YOU!!!!

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